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Masai Mara

The Masai Mara ecosystem is located in south western Kenya in the Lake Victoria Basin, and forms the northern tip of the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem.

The Mara is comprised of the central Masai Mara National Reserve made up of Sekenani to the east, Musiara to the north, and Mara Conservancy (the 'Mara Triangle') to the west. This central Reserve covers over 1,500 square kilometres. Surrounding the Reserve are a number of community run Group Ranches, conservation areas where wildlife moves freely to and from the Reserve and further afield.

The Mara is an expansive region of undulating grassy plains, interspersed by rivers of varying size. The largest rivers are the famous Mara River running roughly north south, the Talek River, and Sand River to the south. Numerous tributaries cut through the rolling grassy plains, feeding the larger rivers. Other habitats include riverine forest, woodland and rocky outcrops or 'kopjes'.

The Mara has a very high amount of rainfall given its close proximity to Lake Victoria. This lake has the second largest surface area of freshwater on earth (69,485 square kilometres), and being situated on the equator, the high temperatures lead to massive evaporation, giving Lake Victoria the status of thunderstorm capital of the world.

The fertile volcanic soils of the Mara coupled with the very high annual rainfall the region receives has lead to excellent conditions for grass to grow. In turn, the vast grassy plains can sustain large populations of grazing herbivores. The abundance of 'plains game' in turn allows for plenty of prey for large predators. The Mara has the highest concentration of large mammal predators in the world.  Prides of lions are common in the Mara, as are packs of Hyena. There is also a good chances of seeing Cheetah and Leopard in the Mara.

A safari to the Mara allows guests to immerse themselves in this remarkable habitat, with fantastic game viewing, breathtaking scenery, and a sense of awe of such an amazing wilderness.

Sala's Camp

Masai Mara, Kenya
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