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An absolute must, each person on a safari should have a pair of binoculars. Going on safari without binoculars means you, or whoever you are borrowing binoculars off, will be missing out on getting the best view possible of the splendid wildlife and scenery you will be immersed in.

There is a huge choice when looking to buy a new pair of binoculars, quality binoculars are not cheap and can easily exceed 800 US dollars; yet it is worth considering your purchase as an investment that will give you great viewing for many years, be it in the wilderness, at the beach, on a boat, at sports and entertainment events, or even in your garden at home.

Smaller compact binocular sizes worth considering include a configuration of 10 x 32 or 8 x 40. These small 'bino's' are lightweight and great for walking and birding, they lose effectiveness in the lower light of dawn, dusk and forests.

Larger binoculars can handle more powerful optics with wider lenses to allow for more light. They generally have a stronger magnification, and are more suitable for game drives. They can be more cumbersome and tiring to handle, especially if walking and viewing upwards towards the sky and tree canopy.

Auto focus and zoom are not advisable features to look for in a pair of binoculars.

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