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Currency and Time


There will be personal expenses on your safari not included in your itinerary quote such as your entry visa, gratuities, souvenir purchases and other items of a personal nature.
US Dollars are widely accepted in East Africa, Sterling Pounds, and Euros are also easily exchanged to local currency. We recommend you bring cash which you can either spend directly, or exchange. Travellers Cheques are NOT widely accepted through most of East Africa.
Please note that due to counterfeit US dollar bills only notes dated after 2003 are generally accepted. Please ensure any US$ you bring were printed after this date.
Mastercard and Visa are accepted in most lodges and camps, and most retail outlets in major towns and cities.

Oanda Currency Converter
Kenya Shilling exchange rates

Time Zone

East Africa is 3 hours ahead of GMT (2 hours during Daylight Savings Time) and 6 hours ahead of EST (5 hours during Daylight Savings Time)

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