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Electric Current

Electric current across East Africa is 220 Volts AC. However, with frequent power outages, and fluctuating voltage (including surges) sensitive electrical equipment can be damaged.
Should you want to charge electrical devices we advise you bring a converter with voltage regulation, which will enable any electrical equipment that runs off 110V to charge on a 220/240 V system, and protect the equipment from surges.

With regards electrical plugs, East Africa uses the British style three-pin plug sockets. A 'worldwide' universal plug adapter is a useful addition to your travel kit.

Most lodges and camps we visit are not on mains electricity, but rather make use of solar panels, generators and inverter systems. It is not uncommon for a number of hours in the day when there is no electricity.
With this in mind, charging electrical devices needs to be done as and when possible, and spare batteries are recommended.

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