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Reading List

There are many books that will be on interest to visitors planning a trip to East Africa. Books obviously range across a wide variety of subjects, and with a rich and colourful history, there are plenty of popular books based on fact such as Out of Africa, The Flame Trees of Thika, No Picnic on Mt Kenya, West with the Night, and White Mischief.
Some vary interesting historical books by famed authors such as Charles Miller (The Lunatic Express and Battle for the Bundu), and Nigel Pavitt (Kenya,: A Country in the Making) provide an accurate and fascinating insight into the history of the region.
Many books paint an intriguing picture into the cultures of the area, again - Nigel Pavitt (Samburu or, Turkana: Kenya's Nomads of the Jade Sea) or Angel Fischer (African Ceremonies), and David Read (Barefoot over the Serengeti), just a taster of the many books about tribal life in East Africa.
There are of course many books on wildlife and conservation such as Dr. Richard Leakey's Wildlife Wars: My Battle to Save Kenya's Elephants, and a selection of books by Jonathan and Angie Scott, Cynthia Moss and Rupert Watson.
We have provided a selection of books above, many of which can be bought for Kindle and iPad.

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