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Panthera pardus


One of Africa's most beautiful creatures, this nocturnal, secretive and elusive predator is the master of camouflage blending in perfectly to the savannah grasslands and mottled treetops. An exciting treat to view on safari, and never guaranteed to be seen out in the wilderness. Leopard sightings are most likely on our visits to the Northern Frontier District and the Masai Mara. Sasaab Lodge is in prime leopard habitat, situated along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River among large granite outcrops, as is Sala's Camp on the the Sand River in the southern Masai Mara.

One of Africa's 'Big Cats', the leopard is classified in the Felidae subfamily Pantherinae (which also includes the tiger, lion and jaguar). The swahili word for leopard is 'Chui'.

Males weigh 60 kg on average (up to 90kg) and are heavier than females (50kg).