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Safari on the Galana River

Tsavo East

Safari on the Galana River

Tsavo has dried out considerably after a good rainy season earlier in the year, the Galana River is low, and the harsh arid savannah was back to it's characteristic dry browns and greys contrasting with the red soils.

The lack of water in seasonal rivers and waterholes meant that most of the animals had to drink from the Galana River daily, consequently there was a high concentration of wildlife near the river, great for game viewing from a comfortable shady spot under a large Doum Palm or River Acacia.

The serenity of sitting by a river watching animals come down to drink, and surrounded by fantastic birdlife is a relaxing way to spend a few hours. It was during such a time when the peace was disturbed by splashing and commotion in the middle of the river. A crocodile had been attacked by another crocodile, and seemingly killed instantly in the attack. Within minutes crocs from all around with gliding to the scene, one of the first there was one of the largest, and claimed the dead croc immediately. The video below show this crocodile ripping a limb from it's prey using the well known 'death roll'.

It would seem that even being a mature and decent sized crocodile in a river with plenty of animals drinking on the banks is not enough to guarantee safety nor cannibalism from the other massive crocodiles that share the Galana.