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Spectacular Samatian

Lake Baringo rises above historic levels

Spectacular Samatian

After four years of higher than average rainfall, Lake Baringo has risen higher than any levels recorded in living memory.

Samatian Island is lush and green, vibrant with life, with the lake level at a phenominally high level.

The infinity pool is just that, with the lake expected to rise into the mess within days. The kitchen and two rooms are now underwater, but three rooms, and the family cottage remain well above the water level. A new kitchen has been built, and a new mess is under construction, once completed, Samatian will remain open for visitors on a self hosted basis.

It is quite a specatcular time to visit Lake Baringo to witness the changes in the region, and no doubt the levels of the lake will be remarkable records, with future generations looking at photos in wonder of how high the water level reached.

Samatian Island Lodge website.

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