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samat-bedroom-2Unique lodges and wilderness homes

Kenya has some of the most creative, artistic and beautiful camps and lodges. Most of which have been built, and are run by the owners.
These lodges are small, usually no more than 8 rooms, and intimate; and usually making the most of the surrounding topography to give a sense that you are part of the ecosystem that thrives around you. Examples of such properties include Samatian Island Lodge, Ol Malo House and Ol Donyo Lodge.

Under canvasMobile Tented Camps

To truly immerse yourself in the wilderness - it doesn't get much better than life under canvas. Mobile tented units are able to get into some of the most pristine and remote locations.

Camping in areas that are truly wild means that you get to experience life in the complete wilderness from a luxury of a beautiful tented camp.

manda-roomCoastal escapes

Taking a step back in time, and slowing the pace to the the ebb and flow of the tide, and the feel of the monsoon breeze; a small selection of relaxing beach lodges provide a perfect base to experience the wonder of the Kenya coast. Barefoot and carefree - there are fewer places better to unwind and stare at the horizon.


Northern Frontier District
  • Sasaab

Solio Lodge

Solio Reserve, Laikipia
  • Solio Lodge